What is Nutritional Therapy?

Put quite simply, we are what we eat! Everything we eat affects our health. Most people I treat have symptoms of poor nutrition but have got so used to feeling that way that they accept it and get on with life, not considering the benefit good nutrition can have. Despite the amazing choice of food available today, and due to our busy lives, most people choose their food for reasons of cost, convenience and psychological gratification.

As a Nutritional Advisor, I see each person as an individual and support them to make lasting change in both diet and lifestyle.

The Western world puts constant pressures on our time and resources. These days we have very busy lives with work, family and social commitments, and diet and nutrition often take a back seat. For a lot of us, food is often out of a packet and in the oven or microwave and many of us have forgotten the positive impact our diet and nutrition can have.

Lasting change can take time and we don’t always go in a smooth forward direction. Everyone has ‘bad’ days or relapses and so it’s important to recognise we’re not perfect. As your Nutritional Advisor there’s no judgement, I’m here to support you through the process. I recommend an initial three month commitment with ongoing coaching and support for the best success. 

Before meeting you I will ask you to fill in questionnaires that let me know any current symptoms you may be experiencing, what your eating habits are at the moment, and your goals. I will assess these and carry out any necessary research before meeting you. During the consultation I’ll clarify some of these details before giving you suggestions for foods to increase and decrease, any supplements that may be useful, some menu ideas or good apps to use as well as lifestyle recommendations.

Your Nutritional Therapy programme will not only look into your food intake, but will take a holistic view of other aspects such as your lifestyle, dietary habits, exercise, day-to-day stresses and any other issues that may affect your ability to start and maintain a healthy eating programme. The programme looks at making small manageable changes to achieve long-term success.

Following on from your initial appointment, within 48 hours you’ll receive an email with basic dietary/lifestyle changes to start to make immediately. It is advised to book a follow up session 3-4 weeks after your initial consultation to review progress and make additional changes as appropriate.

For more details, please get in touch.

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