Genki: 元気 - healthy, energetic and full of life

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About me

Based in Ulverston in the South Lake District, I hold a degree in Sport Science and Exercise Management, Level 5 Advanced Clinical Sports Therapy and Exercise Rehabilitation, a Certified Diploma in Nutrition, Sports Trauma and Injury first aid, and am a qualified GP exercise referral consultant. I am also registered with the STO (Sports Therapy Organisation) and the CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).

I have a real interest in the human body, its mechanics and our bodies ability to repair itself. My therapy isn’t just for athletes or people who play sport, I treat people with everyday niggles such as lower back pain, wrist pain, neck and shoulder pain and plantar fasciitis, whilst also treating sports injuries including shinsplints, runners knee and muscle and tendon strains. My treatment is body centred in that whilst I treat the pain I am also looking for the cause, and ways to prevent the pain or injury from returning. This is why my therapy involves a full postural assessment and advice on exercise therapy as well as treatment.

When I’m not in clinic I have a passion for the outdoors; mountaineering, climbing, cycling, trail running and generally being outside, close to nature. I have competed as a solo and team member of various triathlons and ultra trail runs and also adventure racing. I am a qualified Mountain Leader and have led expeditions in the Himalaya, Andes, Alps and Atlas mountain ranges. I have previously been a member of Mountain Rescue teams.