“I cannot recommend Helen highly enough – I needed treatment to relieve pain and stiffness in my leg and lower back which was affecting my posture and Helen was able to identify the areas of tightness and help release them.
She has a definite knack for identifying the contributing factors to each ache and pain and teasing them out using different techniques to release the related tension. Coupled with her recommended strengthening exercises, I have noticed a huge change in my pain and discomfort levels after the treatment, she is very supportive, listening and advising, but always working at my pace. I am very glad that I found her and would recommend her to anyone.”

H.A, 68

“I’d been at my wits end. Thought that due to my Achilles and calf pain that my running days were over. But then I found Helen. …..she’s professional and friendly. And you instantly feel safe in her hands. im not saying saying getting your trigger points released it not painful. But I call it grateful pain … From barely being able to walk first thing in the morning I’m now back to short runs and getting better all the time …..and she follows up with exercises and stretches to maintain and increase the effectiveness of the treatments. I’m now booked in to get the other parts of my body sorted out that I’ve abused over the years.”

H.C, 53

“I had been suffering with pain in my right wrist for some time. I tried numerous pain killers but the pain remained.
After just one consultation with Helen and then her working on my arm and wrist I have since felt no pain at all, which is fantastic.
Thank you so much Helen”

H.C, 41

“I have been working all my life on an office chair…but lately my back and neck had been quite tense and painful for a while so I decided to go and see Helen because I real wanted to feel better as it had been going on for a long time…

Booked and appointment and told her how I was feeling…
Went in and can’t believe how amazing I came out of there…It was like a big weight of my shoulders had gone away after bearing it for a long time.
She massage all my back asking me how it felt every step of the way working through all my muscles and I could tell there was a lot of tense muscles on my back and neck.

She was amazing very professional and the results are just amazing…feel like a new person!

I really recommend going as I was really amazed with the results!“

M.R, 41

“I got in contact with Genki Sports Therapy as I had pulled something in my leg during a bad fall skiing in the Alps. The pain was intermittent but bad enough to stop me from running and other sports I enjoyed which was obviously very frustrating. During the first session Helen spent a lot of time finding out exactly where the pain was and which movement caused it to flare up and spent a lot of time massaging different areas. My leg felt so much better after just one session and the intermittent pain didn’t come back but under instruction I took it easy and didn’t overdo exercise – just gentle walks.

After 4 sessions with Helen the pain had completely disappeared and I am now running, climbing and biking and I will be skiing again in the winter thanks to her treatment. I cannot recommend Helen highly enough a fantastic alternative to pain killers as she gets to the route of the pain and cures it rather than just masking it, & I certainly will be going to see her for preventative therapy to keep my muscles in shape so I can carry on doing all the outdoor sports I love for longer.”

J.C, 53

“I went to Helen with a very painful left knee. It was uncomfortable all the time and much worse going up and down stairs. Helen identified miss-aligned quad muscles and weak gluteal muscle on the left side after an operation. She worked on my quads and gave me exercises for the glutes. The pain has gone – wonderful. I will certainly use Helen’s healing hands next time I require treatment.”

C.P, 60

“I’ve been treated by Helen on several occasions and she is extremely capable & professional. She has treated cycling issues, spotted and advised/helped a long-standing shoulder issue and has also made me appreciate the value of regular sports massage (go on, treat yourself: it’s like having new legs…). I thoroughly recommend her.”

Dr A.M, 53

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