Most of us take our breath for granted, and why shouldn’t we, after all it’s something we do automatically. But like driving the car on a long journey and often you’re not really conscious of every aspect of the journey (we call this unconscious competence), we could be doing this more effectively. When we stop and focus on our breathing, we are in the ‘present’ moment. Often, even though we may not realise it, we are thinking of events that happened in the past, or something which may happen in the future. These thoughts are wasted moments and often linked with anxiety and stress, they take us out of the simple joy of being fully present in the moment. There are many ways of using the breath: to relax, to increase our awareness, to feel happier, to feel physically, mentally and emotionally better.

What does a breath work session involve?

A breath work session lasts approximately 1 and a quarter hours, of which you will use a conscious connected breathing technique for about 45 minutes. We breathe to music and I will be there throughout to guide and support you. Conscious connected breathing can be a powerful …

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